Ethical Knitting Nana

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About me

I am a woman of a certain age (not 60 yet!) who lives in Bristol.  I’ve lived almost my whole life in Bristol, with a short sojourn in Cornwall in my teens.

I have four passions and several interests so I hope I will have plenty to write about.  My passions are my family, knitting, cricket and St Peter’s Hospice.  My other interests are volunteering, the environment, reading, TV, films & theatre, fundraising, chronic fatigue, mental health and eating.  My non-interests are animals, housework, football, rugby and cooking.  I try to live my life in an ethical way and will be exploring what that means and how easy or difficult that can be.

I come from a family of four – two sisters and a brother.  Our parents died a few years ago.  I am married to my soulmate Colin, an amazing man who tolerates my funny ways and supports me in everything I do.  We have three fantastic children and two wonderful granddaughters.  I am so proud of my family – we must have done something right as they are all good people.  I have two sons-in-law who I love like my own and together we all make up a family unit where everyone loves and respects everyone else.

I am a total hypochondriac but do have some genuine problems, some of which I may talk about at a later date.  At the moment I am overweight and have just started to eat more healthily, which I think is the answer to weight loss.  We were on holiday last week and enjoyed puddings and cakes every day.

I work part-time and Colin is recently retired.  This means that we have been able to spend much more time together doing some of the things we’ve been meaning to do – some planned and some spontaneous.  I love this period of my life – I just wish I had the energy to match the time and the opportunities available!