Fundraising for Charity

Fundraising – what could be more ethical?  Our country has a massive charity culture – many many services are provided by charities, which in other countries just wouldn’t happen.  While I personally think we could pay more tax in order to meet the needs of those who suffer, I appreciate that it would not be practical for all fundraising to be replaced by taxation.


For many charities, the autonomy that comes with being independent of central or local government is invaluable and they can provide what the trustees feel is needed rather than what the authorities can afford.  In this way a superior quality of provision can be made, while regulators  ensure that rules and laws are adhered to.


I spent today at a fantastic fundraising event.  It was actually a community event, which benefited my favourite charity, St Peter’s Hospice, at the same time.  This, to me, is perfect fundraising.  Give people something and they will reward you.  Whether that gift is a day out, a cake, a raffle ticket, a pre-loved dress, a drink or just a smile, the person making the donation is getting something in return.

St Peter’s Hospice has to continually fundraise in order to raise the £7million+ needed to run the organisation every year.  Today’s event was Portishead Soapbox racing and I hope to write more about that tomorrow.2018-07-15 10.11.09a

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