Taurus Crafts Revisited

So, as promised, we went back to Taurus Crafts with our granddaughters and stayed for a few hours.  J fell asleep in the car so I had to stay with her while Colin took S to the loo and the playground.  Having drawn the long straw, I was brought a cake and a coffee from the café to eat while the baby snoozed!

So I was pretty chilled when I finally got to the complex.  I took S to the jewellery making with a promise that we could make a bracelet for Mummy.  She was brilliant at it – threading each bead she had chosen onto the elastic.  The result was fabulous and she was thrilled.

Mummy’s Bracelet!

We had lunch in the lovely café (J wasn’t very happy but her mood improved dramatically with a pooey nappy!}  There’s plenty of loos and changing facilities so it wasn’t an issue.  There’s a children’s menu and S chose pasta.  I was a bit concerned as she couldn’t view it first but it was fine.

We then tackled the paper plane trail which was super.  The children are given a colouring sheet and some crayons and then have to find the signs around the complex which tell them what colour to do everything.  S was fine for the first few and understood the concept really well.  She couldn’t complete it as was a bit long for a 3 year old.  We then found the instructions to make it into a plane and she went off with Pops to fly it.  It was such a good plane that after a couple of attempts it flew onto the roof!!  Rather disappointing for her but we made a blank one later on.

J's colouring of the plane
J’s colouring of the plane. Unfortunately I can’t show you the rather better one coloured in by S as it’s on the roof!


We didn’t have time for anything else as in between there was lots of running around and balancing on tiny ledges which are both great fun when you are 20 months.  We had a lovely day and if we’d had time we could have found more to do.  Definitely recommended for all ages for a relaxing day out.


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