More Black Plastic

So last week my reader sent me this article about how opinions are changing (at last) about the use of plastic.  I think we can assume that, in general, Guardian readers are behind the reduction in the production of single-use plastic anyway.

Guardian Article

I do worry though, that outside of my cosy middle-aged, middle-class world things may not be as rosy and that legislation may be the only way forward,

The article gave me the confidence to start a petition to the government to stop the production of black plastic for food packaging.  I wanted to be very specific because ‘stop producing black plastic’ would just get thrown out immediately due to its use in many industries, the manufacture of cars, dustbins, IT equipment, furniture and shoes to name but a few.  So I came up with “Make the use of single-use black plastic for food packaging illegal by 2020” after a several re-writes and deletions to get few-enough words.

The process involves getting five people to agree – this proved slightly more difficult than I expected, not because I don’t know five people who agreed, but because it took a while; one was abroad and it was the weekend so one had to wait until she saw her work email on the Monday.  But we got there and on Monday 27 August I thought I was ready to go.


Understandably I then had to wait (“usually a week or less”) for it to be checked.  I get this; a petition asking for free ice cream for all or for Theresa May to be jailed is unlikely to get through.


When I get the all-clear I will let everybody know.  Hopefully my five supporters already count and I will only need 9,995 more signatures for a response and another 90,000 on top of that for a debate!!!!  So be ready – find out the email of your MP   here


Thank you to my reader for the article

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