Black Plastic Petition

It’s here!  My government petition is finally online.  Let’s change the world one step at a time!

Black plastic is not necessary for the sale of food such as ready meals and meat trays yet it is still widely used. It cannot be recycled and there are plenty of alternatives. PLEASE sign this petitions which asks for this practice to be made illegal by the end of next year. This gives manufacturers time to find alternatives. Please share and email this information to your friends, colleagues and families. Thank you.

Please follow the link and sign to show your support and then spread the word .  Do let me know if you have any success.

Thank you           Petitions

Black Plastic Petition

15.9.18 – today I got my 100th signature!  Sounds good but that just leaves me 9900 to go before anyone will take any notice!  Please help by contacting your own MP to ask them to help.  Also circulate on social media if you can.  Thank you.

Find your MP here

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