Who Gives a Crap (.org)

No, I’m not being rude – this is the name of one of the most wonderful organisations I have come across!

See their UK site here

They sell loo roll – but not as we know it.  We’ve been buying for a while now and we’re on our third box of 48.  It costs £36 per box and is uses fully recycled paper.  The organisation gives 50% of profits to charity, and the best thing – every roll is wrapped in paper – no plastic in sight.  Postage is free.

I took a photo of some of our rolls:

2018-09-15 16.46.23

Only to find when I went on the website that they are updating their packaging and it’s even more snazzy:

New packaging

So if you order now you may get a mixture.

We buy the cheaper 3 ply recycled paper (is that too much information?) but there is also the slightly more expensive bamboo paper for those who want to spend a bit more on their bums.  There’s also kitchen roll and tissues as well as various introductory and bulk offers.

There’s even (and I didn’t know this when I started writing this post) a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme where the old and new customers both get £5 off a box so if anyone wants to buy a box let me know and I’ll recommend you.

So what’s not to like?  The only negative is the big box if you’r short of space.  So why not order with a friend and have half a box each?  Or keep the box in the shed until you’ve used a few rolls?

I’ve not been commissioned to write this – I just love the whole concept.


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