#Charity Ninjas

I like to think that if I was rich and/or I was a celebrity I would use my power for good and I admire those who do.  One of my favourites is the Charity Ninjas.

Every Friday evening a well-known comedian posts on his Facebook page about a family or individual who urgently need financial help.  It could be for a new wheelchair, a trip of a lifetime for a dying child, repairs to a house – the possibilities are endless.

He publishes the web address of the funding page and asks the CharityNinjas to do what they can.  There is no expectation, no pressure, just putting the info out there.  The ‘standard’ amount is £2 per contributor and that’s what I usually give.

Because of the power of celebrity in our culture, hundreds if not thousands of people see the message and many contribute.  By the time that family wakes on Saturday morning the target has usually been reached and the Facebook post has been deleted.

Brilliant isn’t it?

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