Awesome Product#2

After raving about the toilet rolls I buy it occurred to me that there are probably other products that I think are fab.

Today’s is the collapsible coffee cup.  We’re all being encouraged, quite rightly, not to use takeaway cups.  Even if they could be recycled (they can’t) it’s far better to not use them in the first place (I have a post about the 3Rs forming in my head).

It’s not that easy to carry a coffee cup around with you all the time.  The first ones we bought came from Starbucks but they were a pain to have in a bag so we resorted to leaving them in the car.  Then we found the holy grail of cups – on Amazon of all places.  We’ve had them for about three months and they have paid for themselves over and over as almost all coffee shops and stands give you a reduction if you’ve got your own cup.

Who knows how many disposable cups we have saved and will continue to save?  The only downside is that the cups appear to come from China.  I tell myself that most cups are probably made in China anyway but it is a bit of a sticking point.

These are similar to the cups we bought, they’re even cheaper now than when we bought them!

Blue Cup



Grey Cup



The cups collapse down when empty and are made of silicone.  They’re easy to wash and can go in the dishwasher.  They do get a little warm to hold but we’ve solved that by carrying around cardboard sleeves in the same sandwich bag with the cups.

I’d love to hear about other fabulous eco products.

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