Re-Visiting the Black Plastic Petition

I know that not many people read this blog yet (note the optimism), and that everyone reading this probably knows about my petition, but I really need some help with it.  It requires 10,000 signatures for government to respond and 100,000 to be considered for debate.

As I write I am proud to say that I have just over 1600 signatures – less than I hoped but more than I expected!  I’d be so grateful for support with getting more.

Single-use black plastic has no place in our lives.  Ignoring the issue of single-use plastic for now, at least other colours can be recycled.  The black stuff could be recycled but most councils don’t have the machines to deal with it and understandably don’t want to buy them.  My petitions asks for it to be made illegal for this black plastic to be used.  We don’t need it and we don’t want it.  At the very least there are other colours, although compostable or re-usable materials would be more ethical.

To access the petition click on Black Plastic Petition

I’d be VERY grateful if my reader (and anyone else who may stumble across this post) could carry out some or all of these actions to support me:

  • Sign the petition if you haven’t already done so.
  • Post the link on any social media platforms you use – preferably with a few words of explanation
  • Email any of your contacts who may be interested
  • Text or WhatsApp the link to others who may be interested.
  • Explain to others that even if they are not signing themselves, they probably know someone who is if they pass it on.

Thank you.  Feel free to use all or some of the words in italics above in your explanations.

Do get in touch if you have any queries.

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