NYR – January Update

So we made our first foray into the world of refills yesterday.  We went to Wild Oats in Redland.  We went on the way to work – I say on the way but of course it wasn’t at all but at least the car only had to do three journeys instead of four.  We were lucky to park outside and the first half hour parking was free.  So it only cost a bit of petrol money, whereas the bus, if there was a suitable one (there isn’t) would be about £10 altogether.

The people at Wild Oats were really helpful and there were loads of staff.  It is mainly a Health Food shop and very middle class!  They sell a range of both liquid and dry refill items and we went with a list.  Success was variable!

We buy several Ecover products already so we filled up on washing-up liquid and multi-purpose cleaner.  Comparing prices with the supermarket we use they were significantly cheaper which is a fabulous bonus as the main aim was to use less single-use plastic.

We also filled up a shampoo bottle with Lavender and Geranium shampoo and a handwash bottle with aloe vera liquid soap.  We’ve not tried either of these yet but I will let you know how they go.  Unfortunately we tend to use pretty cheap toiletries so these cost us quite a bit more, even though we chose the varieties which were on offer.  We’re going to have a think about how to move forward with this.

2019-01-03 12.05.26

The dry goods were not as fruitful.  We were hoping to pick up Basmati rice, Arborio rice, loose tea, coffee beans and gluten-free pasta.  We came away with none of it!  I guess none of it is very ‘healthy’?  There was some Basmati rice but only brown.  I’m afraid we’re not that worthy.

So limited success but lovely people.  Next time we will try Scoopaway on Gloucester Road.  Watch this space!

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