How’s January Going?

OK, so how is January’s resolution going and have we made any progress?  The answers are 1. All right   and 2.Some.

We have visited Scoopaway on Gloucester Road and will definitely be visiting again.  We were able to get all of the refills we could get at Wild Oats and much more.  Like Wild Oats the dry goods were covered well, unlike a different green shop I have previously visited.  When you have to buy some gluten free products keeping the goods separate and covered is vital.

scoopaway covers
Scoopaway keep their dry goods covered.

We didn’t need much in the way of the liquid refills this time as we had recently done that but we established that their prices were similar to the other places so worth going back.  Their pièce-de-résistance was the herbs and spices.  As you can see from the picture they are LOADS cheaper than buying in jars from the supermarket.

2019-01-09 16.24.13

They have a brilliant range and although you are welcome to take your purchases away in paper bags, as we did this time, you can also take your own jars.  This of course necessitates the pfaff of weighing the jar first but save the paper.


In the meantime, although we presently buy Ecover household products and are happy to refill the bottles, I am trying to find out whether the thick bags the retailers use are also refillable.

So, have we made any decisions on our permanent way forward?  Only two for sure!

**We will buy all our herbs and spices from Scoopaway – cheaper and more ethical.

We will continue to buy items which are wrapped in paper or cardboard from the supermarket as they are considerably cheaper than buying from smaller shops (sorry – not so ethical).  This includes flour, sugar, tea and tea bags (we don’t have many of these and try to get those which don’t include plastic in the bag).  We continue to look for other everyday items which are ethically wrapped **


The jury is still out on several other conclusions:

  1. Ecover – we will continue to buy refills for now but await the results of my emails before deciding for sure.
  2. Shampoo – I’ve tried a shampoo bar but didn’t get on with it at all. I’ve also tried eco-friendly refills and the one I have is fine but all the ones I’ve seen so far seem quite expensive.
  3. Coffee and GF pasta – we haven’t found a paper-wrapped alternative yet but buying loose seems very expensive. Morrisons do some GF pasta in cardboard but double the price of plastic-wrapped.  When I have some energy I may investigate this further and start firing off a few emails to ask why.
  4. Liquid soap – how quickly have we got used to this?? Again refills are expensive so we started investigating soap (there’s a new-fangled idea!).  We were walking through Boots recently and had a look.  I was delighted to find that one of the cheapest was Pears and it was in a cardboard box.  I hastily bought it.  Getting home I was disappointed to find that the soaps were wrapped in plastic.  I won’t be testing the soap just yet as we have a stock of liquid stuff but watch this space.


So progress is pretty slow.  If anybody has any ideas or comments –please get in touch.



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