February’s Challenge

It’s time to announce February’s challenge.  A reminder of the conditions:

  1. The change must be ethical
  2. The change must have the potential to be permanent (if it works out we stick with it)
  3. The change must be measurable.

While we continue to try and get into some sort of routine with January’s project, I can announce that starting on 1 February, we will:

Never buy wrapping paper again!

So how is this going to happen?  The first thing is to use up any paper we already have.  If anyone receives any gifts wrapped in these, we’re not cheating!

2019-01-25 17.24.06

How will we manage in the future?  There are loads of alternatives.  I kept some bits and pieces back at Christmas and I’ve been saving random boxes, tissue, clean foil and magazines

2019-01-25 17.27.15

My other idea is a roll of lining paper.  We had to buy it to paper a small ceiling and have loads left over.  The plan is to use this and then use rubber stamps to decorate it.

I’ll take some photos of my first few presents of the year.

2019-01-25 17.24.44

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