Last Day of January

We’re on the last day of January and I’m not sure that we’ve really succeeded.  On the other hand, ALL progress is worth celebrating!

How did we do with the 3 criteria?

  1. The change must be ethical  Yes, our attempts at refills and swaps have used less plastic than we would have otherwise, albeit not a huge amount yet.
  2. The change must have the potential to be permanent (if it works out we stick with it).  Yes – we cracked the herbs and spices and some refills but others are a work in progress
  3. The change must be measurable.  Sort of – we won’t be buying any more herbs and spice in jars or plastic bags but we won’t be keeping count.  Just to know that we’re buying less plastic is a measure!

Since my last post only one thing has changed.  The lovely people at Wild Oats replied to my email and said that Ecover do NOT take their plastic refill bags back – thus making our decisions even more complicated.  The other firms they use do though, so I will continue to get shampoo refills while thinking about the rest.

These Ecover Refill boxes are lined with thick polythene bags so that the retailer just has to change the bag. Unfortunately Ecover do not take the bags back to use again.

The other thing I’ve done is ask on one of the wonderfully helpful Facebook groups if anyone knows a simple recipe for shower spray.  I currently use Method which don’t appear to offer refills.  I’m not keen on making my own stuff to be honest but might make an exception, as long as it doesn’t include vinegar which makes me heave.

Who knew at the beginning of the month that it would be so long-winded?  When I’ve made all the decisions I need to, I will write again.   Meanwhile I’ll concentrate on February which promises to be a lot more straightforward.  (I won’t forget January though – it will haunt me until I get it sorted).


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