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There are lots of companies selling plastic free versions of everyday items now, both locally and online.  A google search will throw up loads of sites and it would be impossible to explore them all.  As you may have read in my January Resolution, I have visited some local shops, but they are more focused on health foods and I use them for their refill facilities.  There’s a good one in Bristol, Zero Green, but it is not local to us and we would have to use the car.

I have chosen to shop with Non Plastic Beach, a small online company with prices somewhat cheaper than the shops in Bristol.  I have now placed three different orders with them and find them very easy to deal with.

2019_02_07 21-35-40

The company is run by a young couple, Gareth and Nicola, and the service is personal and efficient.  With this targeted service they respond very quickly to queries and are quick to compensate for tiny issues.  For example, when an email I sent (it was only for advice) got lost in their junk folder they gave me a discount off my next order!

For my first order I tried some products which were new to me – toothpaste tablets, shampoo bar, silk dental floss and bamboo cotton buds.  All of course in cardboard packaging so no plastic at all.  I received my order extremely quickly – less than a week.

2019-02-07 20.34.56

The cotton buds and dental floss are fine.  I didn’t really like how my hair felt with the shampoo bar, but reading various forums, I’ve seen that in a hard water area like ours and with medium length, rather old, hair, that’s not unusual.  It’s not been wasted though as I’ve given the rest of the bar to one of my sons.

The toothpaste tablets were also not a massive success, nothing wrong with them and my teeth felt very clean BUT at my advanced age I need (we both need) toothpaste for sensitive teeth and we were in pain within a day.  Again these have been passed on – perfect for a recent long flight to Australia and back.

My second order (with my discount) was for Christmas presents.  I made up two hampers for couples who I thought would appreciate the ethos and I think I was right.  They got a little more than they would have done as I used my personal discount.

Today I received my third order.

I will be trying out the coconut brush and the cloths very soon.  Before you start to worry, the cloths are not wrapped in plastic but in a compostable material.  They replace kitchen towel for many uses and can be washed many times.  The soap dish is ready for when we try out soap in place of liquid handwash.

I also bought some recyclable gift wrapping supplies (bags, tags and paper tape) and some sunscreen to try.

2019-02-07 18.01.22

But there was a surprise twist.  The order had taken a whole week to arrive and Gareth and Nicola considered this too long!  To make up for this and because I have ordered before they send me a free bar of chocolate (Fair Trade of course) and a bamboo toothbrush!

2019-02-07 18.02.03



I use an electric toothbrush because with my mouth full of old fillings I need as much help as I can get so I don’t need the toothbrush.  I’m going to offer it as a prize in my latest competition.

2019-02-07 19.52.09

To win this prize, worth £3.95, message or email me by 28 February telling me about ONE ETHICAL CHANGE you are going to make this spring.  It can be large or small and cover any area, whether that be recycling and waste, charity support, lifestyle changes, energy consumption, or anything else you can think of.  The competition WILL NOT BE JUDGED – the winner will be pulled out of a hat.  I would like to list your ideas on a future post though (they will be anonymous).

So come on – I want more than two entries this time!  If I get more than six entries I’ll offer up the Divine bar too.  Submit your entry by contact form, email or Messenger.

I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Great Retailer –

  1. Hi Alison, Very interesting article, one thing we really thought about over Christmas was wrapping paper and sellotape, apart from using up paper already on stock we will only use recyclable paper, no glitter, plastic film coating, and the biggest challenge no sellotape as this stops paper being recycled. We already just use tissue paper for wrapping up birthday presents. The top challenge will be trying to get the message over so any presents we may receive are also sellotape free! Catch up soon Love Jenny x x

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