February Competition Reminder

Less than 2 weeks left to enter the competition set on the Previous Post  page. All you have to do is contact me by message, contact form or email with your thoughts on how you can make one small change which will help the environment. Entries will not be judged, the winner will be random.

If you are struggling for ideas, why not consider one of these?

⦁ Buy a re-usable cup and try not to use takeaway cups again
⦁ Next time you buy cotton buds, go for paper or bamboo
⦁ Save empty toothpaste tubes and get them to me for recycling
⦁ Write an email to a manufacturer or retailer challenging one of their unethical practices
⦁ Replace lightbulbs with energy-saving LCDs when your current ones run out
⦁ Rejoin the library
⦁ Install a garden water butt and/or compost bin
⦁ Switch to bamboo or recycled paper loo rolls (wrapped in paper or compostable wrapping of course)
⦁ Take your own boxes/cartons to the supermarket for fresh meat or fish to avoid plastic packaging
⦁ Never wrap fruit and veg such as bananas, potatoes, apples and satsumas in plastic bags, put them in your basket or trolley as they are
⦁ Wrap the occasional present in newspaper rather than buying wrapping paper
⦁ Eat no meat for an extra day per week than you do at present
⦁ Resolve to switch off lights in empty rooms
⦁ Substitute one car journey per week/fortnight with a walk or bus trip

I hope you find this useful – I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Closing date is 28 February 2019

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