My Lent Promise

Do you make a Lent Promise? It’s something I’ve done all my life and don’t intend stopping anytime soon. As a child I tried all the usual things – mostly giving up sweets if I remember rightly. I suspect I sneaked some into my room anyway, as if cheating everyone else was the point of it all!

Lent pic

Those sort of promises carried on into adulthood. Nothing wrong with giving things up. I once gave up caffeine and had the most horrendous headache for the first few days!

I realised quite late on that giving things up really only helped myself. I might be healthier, even slimmer, but I hadn’t affected anyone else. I know that some people give up something important to them, like booze, and give the money saved to charity but as I don’t drink much, gamble or smoke at all or have sugar in my hot drinks that hasn’t really worked for me. (How boring is this woman?)

In more recent years then, I have tried to find something a little more ‘worthy’ with which to challenge myself. I quite often try to find one item per day to donate to the charity shop, I have been to church more often, made weekly donations to charity and gone meat-free.

This year, starting on Ash Wednesday on 6 March I am aiming to work on an item of ethical campaigning every day in Lent. This could be a letter to a company asking about their packaging, raising a petition, posting on social media or emailing individuals. Any ideas will be gratefully received!

I may or may not be successful – I may fall short of the 40 tasks required or I may not persuade anybody to act at all but at least I will have tried.

Are you making a Lent Promise this year?

2 thoughts on “My Lent Promise

  1. Good idea about Lent; as I am leading our church service on the first Sunday of Lent I will suggest your ideas to our church members. Thanks!


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