How did February go?

So how did the February resolution go?

The answer is – pretty good.

We don’t have many birthdays in the family early in the year so it’s been a slow start with actual wrapping, but I have collected a few more weird and wonderful wrapping solutions including leaflets, tissue from a new shoes box, a Ryvita box and a fudge tin.


My first attempt at stamping the wallpaper was pretty disastrous as I wrapped the present first and then tried to stamp it.  Rather than waste the paper I decided to use it anyway, figuring that Henry, at 6, would probably just rip it off without looking.  I used up old wrapping paper for the rest of Henry’s present and for William’s and re-used brown paper for James, who I knew would understand.

I bought some presents on a market stall recently and will just use the bags they came in.  I also ordered something from Amazon and wrote on the box.

2019-02-28 10.06.04

I’ve had another go at the stamping and it looks pretty good – I can assure you it looks better in real life than on the picture.  Big thanks to my gorgeous friend Becky who bought me some new stamps.  This one is on some of that rough packing paper we sometimes get in boxes for online orders.  Free as well as not sending wrapping to landfill – this stuff can be recycled with the cardboard.  Win-Win!

2019-02-28 15.51.45

All in all I’m finding it pretty easy so far – definitely one that others can try.

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