Ash Wednesday is Here

Don’t worry, you’re not going to get daily updates during Lent!  I will do my best to campaign on something every day and I’ll update every few days or so.  Several days will cover the same project anyway so daily would be pretty tedious.

I have a few ideas about suitable projects which include:

  • Writing to shampoo manufacturers suggesting that they start offering refills in local pharmacies – I believe the public would warm to this and it could be a massive success. Current refill facilities tend to be quite niche and for more expensive products.

Shampoo pic

  • Writing to supermarkets and other manufacturers suggesting more paper or cardboard packaging for their dry goods. If it’s ok for flour and sugar, why not for pasta, rice or dried fruit?



  • Contacting specific firms to find out what their plans are for recycling in the future.


  • Posts on Facebook and Twitter encouraging others to make small changes or special efforts.
  • Tweet to ‘point out’ to supermarkets and manufacturers when they could have done better.

I have started today with an email to Johnson and Johnson about shampoo refills.

Any other ideas would be gratefully received, thank you.

One thought on “Ash Wednesday is Here

  1. Great start to Lent, I’m passing on your ideas to our church family. My own plan is to buy loose fruit and veg where possible and avoid using plastic bags to put them in, I will explain at the check out why.

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