New Petition! Please Help! (Groan!)

As part of my Lent Promise I started a new petition yesterday.  It’s very similar to the old (unsuccessful) one.  Today’s Lent activity is to publicise said petition so here we go.

In early September 2018 I petitioned the government on their own petition website.  I had six months to gather as many electronic signatures as I could, requesting that parliament ban black plastic packaging before the end of this year.  I really don’t see why it’s allowed.  Although I try to avoid single-use plastic in general I still use a fair bit but the BLACK stuff is wicked.  Most local authorities can’t recycle it so it goes in with general rubbish.  It then gets buried or burned.  Why do we have it?  The answer seems to be because ‘food looks better in black trays’

Back to my petition.  This is a screenshot today.

Screenshot_20190309-171705_Samsung Internet

Please though I was that 2343 people thought that my idea was worth backing, there is also this:

Screenshot_20190309-172749_Samsung Internet
I have failed. I didn’t get 10,000 let alone 100,000 and I haven’t been contacted.


Hence my new one.  This time I’m trying which seems to be a great site.  As well as being easy to use they also promote petitions to like-minded members.  So the link to go to is

I’ve left it as a real link as I’m hoping that you, my loyal reader, will share it in any way you can.  Please Please Please.  Thank you.

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