Free Ways to Save Water – Limited Offer

HI Everyone – Just a quick post today.

Thanks to Martin Lewis’ Money saving expertise  – see his website and sign up for emails here – I have found a link where those of us in the UK can order some water-saving devices FREE for a limited time.

save water

Clearly those with water meters are happy to cut their use and save some dosh but I hope that everyone will be interested in cutting their water usage.  It’s a real eco-friendly thing to do – less water produced means less power used, less chemicals and less strain on the water table and aquifers.  For the geeks among us, if you want to know what an aquifer is, I’ve even found you a Wikipedia Link.

It’s easy to find out what you can order in your area.  Click on this Link and put in your postcode.  You will then be re-directed to the relevant company for where you live and you can see what’s on offer.  Most water companies also sell items such as water butts.

I’ve ordered a few things, including a 4-minute shower timer and some gel to keep plants damp


So, no excuses, what are you waiting for?

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