Stopping ‘The Age of Stupid’



Did you watch ‘The Age of Stupid’ on BBC4 last week?  If not, PLEASE watch it.  You won’t believe that it was made TEN years ago.  It’s on BBC iPlayer until mid-May and is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, Amazon Prime or on the Spanner Films website.  All of the details can be found here.

I like to think I’m quite knowledgeable about Climate Change and protecting the environment but this programme rocked me to the core.  The David Attenborough programme shown on the same night was good, but this was even better.

What was so stunning was that when the film was made in 2009 we already knew how little time we had.  When the fabulous Greta GretaThunberg tells governments that haven’t been listening she is proved to be right by this film.

I’m even more determined to more about climate change.  I have two beautiful grandchildren who in twenty or thirty years’ time will hopefully have their own children.  When my family come to my deathbed (I’m really trying to shock here) I don’t want them wondering if I was responsible for the devastation I have no doubt will be happening then unless things change very soon.  Note – I am assuming that I live for another thirty years or so – but either way I’m speaking for my entire generation.


As far as I can see there are four avenues and we need to follow each one

  1. Lobby, protest, petition, tweet, urge, plead, beg and pressurise politicians at every level, from local councillor to international leaders. These are the people who can really make it happen.
  2. Continue to change our own lives, habits and routines in order to reduce our own carbon footprints.
  3. Try very hard to persuade other people to also follow these roads. Word of mouth (the most powerful), social media and example are all great ways to do this.
  4. (Not for everyone).  Pray.

At this point the task seems overwhelming and impossible but I honestly believe that if we don’t change our lives dramatically we have blown it.

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