June’s Resolution

We’ve been tossing a few ideas around about our June resolution and decided that we need one that doesn’t cost anything so we’ve decided to:

Re-join the library

This may seem very trivial and insignificant but alongside it we will try very hard not to buy books for ourselves, especially new ones.  We’re suckers for books and find it very difficult to leave a charity shop without one.

It’s really important to support local libraries.  When we had a young family we lived just around the corner from the library and went all the time.  All of us love to read and it’s important to encourage children from a young age.  Libraries are the perfect environmental success – the same books are read by many different people and the author still gets paid.  Plus, those who can’t afford to buy books can read as many as they like.  We should be supporting this facility, if only to preserve it for those who really need it.  Councils are under so much pressure financially that they struggle to survive.


I think these days everyone knows that reading is beneficial, but just in case, I found this article here

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