Quick June update

A quick update for June – we’ve rejoined the library.

2019-06-03 12.24.53-1


Ok so my reading tastes aren’t exactly high-brow but these are just the sort of books I would buy in paperback or for my kindle or from the charity shop.  So we’re saving money and resources as well as making sure the author gets something (I think?)

I ordered an fifth book, from another library, and was impressed by the number of people using the facilities.  There was a group of mums and dads at baby singing, several people using the computers and one gentleman on the photocopier.  I could have borrowed up to 20 books but I felt that was a bit unnecessary for me!  In the winter we might also borrow DVDs.   I can also renew or reserve books online.

A very positive outcome for this resolution, which I intend to keep up.

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