Inspirational Jen!

So today I’m not doing any of the work myself – I give you a quote from the amazing fantastic Jen Gale.  More about her below.

This is an extract from just one of Jen’s inspirational weekly emails, sent out to subscribers (free).  Worth signing up as she is so practical and realistic about what we can do to save the world one step at a time.

There was an article last year at some point that talked about individual actions as a response to the climate emergency as a bit like wafting a tea towel at a house fire. I don’t agree that it’s as pointless as that, but I can see the analogy. It can feel pointless. When what we really need is the fire brigade in the form of the governments and big business to come haring in with their big hoses (don’t snigger) and put the thing out. No faffing. 
But if a tea towel is all you have, you use what you’ve got to keep it at bay while you wait for the fire brigade. 
And do you know what else? You RING the fire brigade. You let them know that there’s an emergency. That you’re not able to contain it on your own and that you’re shitting your pants your house is going to burn down. In case you’re missing the metaphor, this is us letting our MPs, the CEOs, the people with the big hoses (again, don’t snigger) that we’re crapping ourselves and we need them to step in and step up.

I want to give you answers. I want to say it will all be ok if we just do x,y,z. And the truth is I don’t know if it will all be ok. The evidence is stacking up that it will all be far from ok. 
But there is still time to act and to mitigate the worst effects of global temperature rises. 
So that means getting informed. Not looking away because it’s too big, too scary, too much. Doing what we can even when/if it feels pointless. 
It means making sacrifices – flying less, eating less meat, buying less shit. Stepping out of our comfort zones to make a noise and to make our fears and our worries heard. Speaking up for, and voting for our kids futures because right now they can’t (and shouldn’t have to).
It means being the grown ups and doing the best for our kids and their future right now.

The good news is that we’re in this together and that we’re all part of an amazing community encouraging and supporting each other. When it all feels too much, when it all feels overwhelming and pointless, you put one foot in front of the other and take one step at a time.

I follow her on twitter here so if you’re a Twitter fan go on over.  She also has a website and a Facebook page as well as various other social media.

Jen’s homepage says (and I think this sums her up):

WE HAVE LESS THAN 12 Years to save the planet


You’ll be back in time for the school run…

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