July 2019

Ok so it’s nearly the end of the month and I’ve kept you waiting for July’s resolution.  I’ve been a bit off-piste* lately as I’ve been a bit poorly and taking some time off.  I’m sure you‘ve both coped but if it did cause any anxiety or cold turkey do let me know.

For me at least, July’s challenge is the most exciting yet.

We’re having solar panels installed!

Smiling sunshine

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and years (that reminds me – did you see ‘Years and Years on TV?  If not please do***) but we couldn’t afford it in previous times and been a bit too busy since.  That’s the beauty of this 12-month challenge – it’s making us get on and do things.

On starting to do some research on panels I was delighted to find that the prices have gone down dramatically since I first explored it, probably 15-20 years ago.  Sadly we can only use one side of our roof as the other two barely get any sun.  On a brighter (O dear!) note we may get our (new) garage roof done in the nearish future too.  We want to find out how the first lot go before we decide on installer for that.  Also it won’t really benefit it us personally until we can get paid for what we add to the grid and/or we get battery storage.

At this point we’re not going for battery storage as we’ve been advised that the technology for this is progressing quickly at the moment so prices will come down and efficiency go up.  This is the plan anyway.

We lobbied our MP the other day** (more about this in another post) during #TheTimeisNow lobby about this as HMRC are intending to increase VAT on solar panels from 5% to 20% which is so ridiculous it must be a joke.  Also the feed-in tariff finished recently and the government have not got around to replacing it with what looks like will be a pay-back for what is put into the grid rather than everything generated.  Personally that’s not a big deal as my main motivation was the environment BUT it will make a massive difference to many people who may be sitting on the fence.

So it looks like the end of July for our panels and I’m so excited!  It’s all booked and the deposit paid so I’ll post some pics when the time comes.  Let’s hope August is sunny for a change.

*You can also reverse this expression – I hate being under the weather as I get very frustrated!


** Our MP, Darren Jones, didn’t need lobbying but we all wanted the pay the numbers game.  He is the best MP ever and agreed with everything we said.

*** Not sure if this link will work but the very best 2 minutes of Years and Years is here

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