September 2019 Resolution

So whether you are waiting with baited breath (what does that even mean?) or couldn’t give a monkey’s, we have decided on our September resolution.  I have to say that it’s becoming more and more difficult to come up with something so I’m not too hopeful about November and December!  Anyway, from September we will

Try to reduce our food miles.

Although this will indeed be a permanent change, I suspect it will be difficult to measure, unlike most of the other resolutions.  Colin does most of the shopping and is strangely reluctant to take photos while doing so.

Our shopping habits have been different lately as we have had family to stay.  Some of it not bought for us and indeed some not bought by us.  We avoid plastic when we can but our local shop is a co-op and they are almost entirely plastic based.  We use greengrocers when it is convenient and supermarkets similarly.  Hence if it’s not wrapped in plastic (good) we can’t prove where it’s come from and if it is (bad) we can.

While mourning the loss of asparagus in our diets, these are the things we will try not to purchase again:

2019-08-26 12.37.37  2019-08-07 14.26.05-1  2019-08-26 12.18.22  2019-08-26 12.37.23



Having said that, we do have our moments:

2019-08-27 15.52.54   2019-08-26 12.18.53  2019-08-26 12.17.59  2019-08-07-14.30.59.jpg    2019-08-07 14.29.56



So all I can promise is that we will do our best and prove it where we can.  And if anyone know where we can get frozen British asparagus, please let us know.

Another thought:  Is it better to be buying products from Scotland or from nearer European countries such as France and Denmark?


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