How is the Water Use Going?

We’re quite pleased with how we have limited our water use since the water meter was installed.  We have 23 weeks of data in order to establish whether we are hitting our target of no more than 2 cubic metres per week.

As you can see from the chart, sometimes we make this.


Water Chart 1.9.19

The big peaks are the times when we had family to stay.  The dips are when we have been away.  The red dotted line is a trend line and I’d really like to see that run at 2 cubic metres but overall I’d rather have my family to stay!!

Just to save grace though, this is the same chart without the last 3 weeks which is when family stayed big-time:

Water to Week 20

A much better trend line!!!

We continue to use our many water butts – we just about had enough water for the plants in the very hot weather without using any tap water at all.  I’m really stingy with tap water (when I’m washing up and several things need rinsing first, I rinse one and use the same water to do all tho others one at a time!)  We (me particularly) drink water all the time but we never run the water until it’s cold, but keep a jug in the fridge and top it up. Just 2 or our water-saving tips.

I’ll let you know when we consistently hit our target!

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