October 2019 Resolution

So it’s time for October’s resolution already!  Where is this year going?  We’ve been wondering what to do about our car use.  In an ideal world we would get rid of the car and travel by foot, bike and public transport.

In short, we would BE MORE GRETA


It’s not an ideal world and we are not getting rid of our car.  There are three main reasons for this; my health, the cost and time taken to use public transport and travelling to see our family in Hertfordshire.

When Colin was working I would get the bus and walk part of the way to work.  Yes, I could probably manage that sometimes now but we’ve worked out the cost and it just doesn’t add up.  The bus and the walk cost £4 return and takes an hour each way (not great if I start at 8am);  the car costs less than £2 return and takes 10 minutes each way.  Colin often combines the trip taking me in with other errands such as shopping at Cribbs which reduces the cost.

So we’ve talked about it and decided from 1 October onwards we will

Log our mileage and make a quarterly offset donation accordingly

We will donate to an environmental charity each quarter.  That could be a project such as tree planting or it could be a to a campaigning group such as Friends of the Earth.  I’ll have to do some research on this.

I will update the blog with our results and hopefully we’ll be using the car a little less.  We haven’t been tracking mileage before but we’ve had the car since 28 February 2017 and our average monthly mileage is 1040.  I guess that makes our first target 1000.

Watch this space!

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