November 2019

Sorry I’m late with November’s resolution – I’ve been on holiday (just to make you both jealous) in Majorca and somehow couldn’t find the time!  We discussed possible plans at the airport during our three-hour delay but I didn’t get as far as writing it up.

So November’s resolution is

To eat red meat a maximum of twice per week

I seem to have read many times during 2019 that eating less meat is the single best thing we can do to help the environment.  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t do all the other carbon savings of course.

Rather than repeat articles I have read I have found this one in the Guardian, always a trusted source:


I will keep a record of how often we eat read meat, starting yesterday (3 November) when we had steak as an end of holiday treat.  I’m afraid we had bacon sandwiches (my favourite) for lunch today so we’ve blown it for the whole week!

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