December 2019 – Help!

I need some help with this one!  Having come up with eleven new but permanent resolutions, I’m really struggling to find a twelfth.  Any suggestions gratefully received.

We were going to cheat and say that we were buying a new cooker because ours was very inefficient but the truth is that is was at the end of its useful life and needed replacing anyway and my conscience wouldn’t let me count it as a resolution.  In our defence we have been together almost 40 years and the defunct cooker was our first-ever brand new one and lasted us 18 years.

We also looked at adding a filter to our washing machine to reduce the weight of micro plastics entering the water systems.  This proved to be prohibitively expensive and, let’s face it, tricky to install so we decided to leave that until the next new washing machine is installed (hopefully not for a while).  There is a product which claims to sort the issue Coraball which can be purchased in the UK (approx £30) but I’m not convinced.  It seems a lot of money to shell out for something also made of plastic, albeit recycled.  The jury’s out on this one, I think I’d rather put the money towards a filter as the implication is that one ball is not enough.

Another possibility is to grow veg at home.  But it’s December.  Not happening.  And actually it is something we’d like to do more of, having grown some herbs this year.  That’s a spring job I think.


Which still leaves me struggling for a resolution to begin in December.  I found a website 50 ways which I was sure would sort me out BUT we’re already addressing 42 of them, 3 I don’t understand and 5 are a no. (I’ve tried natural shampoos etc without success, I haven’t got time to do my own garden without contributing to a community one, my old t-shirts go to the charity shop to be sold as rags and I have no desire to enjoy nature).

So I still need an idea.  I need a (environmentally friendly, low energy) lightbulb moment.

Thinking 2

Hopefully something will come to me, but in the meantime, please send me anything you have.  Thank you.

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