We all try to be kind, don’t we?  Or do we?  I guess some people have the gift of kindness in their DNA but the mortals amongst have to make a bit of effort.  A priest once said to me that being kind was a sign of believing in God because if you didn’t, you’d have nothing to lose by being selfish.  I don’t agree (although I do believe in God, or Good, but that’s for another day).  I think being kind leads to a better world and a more fulfilling life.

There’s a young man in Cardiff (probably not so young now but I knew him when I was in my twenties and he was a child so he’s forever young in my book), Matt Callanan, whose Facebook posts over the last few years have really inspired me.  I’m friends with him mum and knew his lovely Dad.  Both must be very proud.

One of his latest posts is a short video which you can see here (Twitter) or here (Facebook)    Do watch it, you’ll love it.  Kindness really does change the world.

You know how great you feel when someone does something out of the blue for you?  I promise you that you get a similar feeling when you do something for someone else.  It doesn’t have to be big.  Just lately I have been on the receiving end of some beautiful gestures; flowers from my husband, cakes from my niece, a ‘miss you’ card from a dear friend and an easter egg from my line manager.  A friend texted yesterday and arranged to meet me for a park bench coffee on Monday.  All gave me an inner glow. 

So do you want some ideas of how you can makes others feel that glow?  During Lent I have tried to send a text or call one person every day.  I can’t promise that I’ve kept it up every day, but I’ve had a good go.  One of my new year resolutions was to send flowers to one person every month – so far so good.  Another was to shop as ethically as I can, from charities and small businesses.  This is definitely a work in progress!

What about raising funds for a charity?  My amazing friend Julia has raised over £2000 during lockdown for St Peter’s Hospice with her Charity Knits Facebook page.  How incredible is that?  At this point I should also mention Barbara, Jenny and their band of very skilled ladies who also knit for SPH.  See their goodies at Plain and Purl.  Fabulous job ladies.

Just this morning I had some cards delivered which I ordered from a local lady.  She and her daughters (6 and 8) make cards with proceeds going to our local foodbank.  I see that as a win-win!  What an excellent example she is giving those girls.  They have just sold their 500th card.  Support them on Instagram or Facebook.

We bought our facemasks from a different local lady who also sent the money to the foodbank.  My fab friend Pam raised thousands of pounds doing the same for the Jessie May Trust.  My admiration for these people knows no bounds.

So are you inspired by Matt and others to make a gesture of kindness today?  What about sending one text message this evening to someone you haven’t had contact with for a while? 

Let me know how you get on.

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